NABJ foresees surplus for fifth consecutive year

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By Jessica Taylor

NABJ Monitor

In light of continued significant growth of NABJ’s finances, members are curious to see if this growth will continue. 

NABJ Treasurer Greg Morrison said he believes that if the organization’s finances continue to be handled correctly, then NABJ will reach a surplus for the fifth consecutive year. 

“We’ve been doing good,” Morrison said. “This is our fourth year with a surplus, and if we keep on track and don’t blow money up and go crazy and have a stupid party, we’ll end off nicely.” 

Though NABJ’s finances have fluctuated in the past, Morrison and the finance committee have worked to create a long-term savings plan.

“We have long-term savings, short-term savings,” Morrison said. “Maybe 10-15 years down the line, we’ll have a half a million dollars stashed away somewhere. 

“The idea is to be prepared for the days when things are bad–and they’re going to get bad one day, so we have to be prepared for it.”

NABJ’s convention has reached a new attendance record, with 4,060 people registered. Along with this increased in attendance comes increased spending, Morrison said. 

“We figured we would get 3,100 to 3,200 people, but we have a growing 4,060, so how can we make this work?” Morrison said. “As a result, our convention expenses will go up for food and beverages because there are more people to feed.” 

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