NABJ, NAHJ bet on joint convention in Las Vegas in 2022

NAHJ President Hugo Balta joins NABJ President Sarah Glover to announce a joint convention for 2022 at Caesar’s Las Vegas. BOB BUTLER/NABJ MONITOR

By Elaijah Gibbs-Jones
NABJ Monitor

During a last-minute press conference at this year’s convention on Thursday, NABJ President Sarah Glover and National Association Hispanic Journalists President Hugo Balta jointly announced that the 47th NABJ Convention & Career Fair would be hosted with NAHJ in Las Vegas. 

The recently renovated Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will be the host hotel of the join convention.

During the announcement, Glover said she wanted to build a model that allows collaboration with NAHJ every two years moving forward. Currently the two organizations have committed to partnering for a joint convention in Washington D.C. next summer in 2020. 

The organizations collaborated in hosting a 2016 convention in Washington, D.C. Both organizations were members of the now-defunct UNITY: Journalists of Color, which met from 1994 until April 2011, when NABJ’s board voted to withdraw from UNITY because of its financial difficulties.

Despite the troubled history with UNITY, partnering has been deemed the best move by the Glover and Balta to share resources, foster relationships and do business together.

“We’ve got some significant synergy going here and collaboration that makes a whole lot of sense for both organizations, and we know when you’re planning a conference at the size that we are, future planning is another key to success,” Glover said.

Said Balta about the partnership, “There’s certainly a business element to this in working together that is a plus for both organizations.”

According to NABJ’s front office, a strategy to make its annual convention more affordable for students has been a part of the plan to ensure more students attend the convention in 2022. 

NABJ Executive Director Drew Barry has confirmed working with a number of airlines now to lower the price for students to travel to the convention. 

Also, discussions of a deferred payment plan have also been confirmed to imitate how NAHJ completes its registration process.

The location for the NABJ convention and career fair in 2023 has not been released. The NABJ board has been accepting proposals for additional conventions but no further decisions have been made at this time.

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